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Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2022 4:12 am
by Ahad
Author (Ye Ruiqiu) Note: With the popularity of Tang Feng, the discussion of " self-study " has increased a lot, but many Taiwanese have never heard of this self-study option for 20 years. In the past two months, due to the report on Taiwan's self-study in "Duan Media", I interviewed self-students, self-study parents, promoters of experimental education, etc. to talk about the development of self-study in Taiwan and the learning process of self-students, before and after. After interviewing nearly ten people, recording for more than ten hours, and the verbatim draft of nearly 20,000 to 30,000 words, among them, the seniors of experimental education's concept of education, acceptance of children, and self-study experience of self-study are all worthy of attention. After thinking and thinking, I decided to organize the verbatim transcripts of several of them into interview articles for publication. The interviewees were mainly self-learning individuals and groups who were "non-school-type" in the "Three Laws of Experimental Education".

Lin Ruiyu, the founder of Taiwan Segu Education Promotion Association, once participated in the establishment of the Running Frog Self-study Group, was the director of the Taipei Film and Television Sound Experimental Education Institution (TMS), the director of the Independent Learning Promotion Association of the Republic of China, and the parents of experimental education students (two sons) . This interview is the next part, taking Lin Ruiyu as the parents of two sons who participated in the experimental education, T-Shirt Design
to talk about why they let their children participate in the education outside the system and their mental journey. The system is an umbrella. As long as you enter the system, these teachers are protected by the system. Q: Why did you choose to let your children participate in education outside the system? I have two sons. Before going to primary school, I discussed whether to go to Forest Primary School, but then my husband still thinks that we grew up like this (reading institutional schools), why can't they?

Later, we moved to Huayuan Xincheng to study at the institutional primary school here. When my older brother was in middle grade and my younger brother was in first grade, I encountered a teacher whose situation was not ideal. (Severely) the parents united to protest to the school that this teacher was not good. Don’t let my child be taught by this teacher, but the system is a protective umbrella. As long as they enter the system, these teachers are protected by the system, so the principal is powerless. At that time, he wanted to help the children find a way to see if they could enter the seed primary school. My brother was lucky to enter, but there are very few places for senior grades. (My elder brother didn’t enter); After my younger brother went in to plant seeds, I found that the two states were too different. Parents also felt very healed when they entered. I usually sit on campus and get a lot of inspiration and education from how teachers and students talk. energy.