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It sucks! This Woman Saved Wounds It sucks Industry Email List

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2022 5:44 am
by Zahid Hasan
Abandoned by children forever becomes a deep wound for parents. There are not enough words to describe the sadness of these parents. Recently, there has been Industry Email List a lot of talk from a woman about the wound she has kept for 15 years, the cause of her child's death is her husband . The woman sent her vent to the trash emotional Tikka account. The woman told me 15 years ago she had just given birth to a child. At that time, the child was 17 days old. When she was blessed with a child, her economic life with her husband was Industry Email List still mediocre. They live in a rented room with a small mattress. The husband, when their child was born, slept on the mat. One night the husband suddenly fell asleep in bed. The woman admitted that she did not know if her husband was sleeping on the bed. When he woke up he was shocked to see his son being crushed by the father's body.

"I don't know why that night he slept on the bed. I don't know, when I woke up I was surprised because my son was crushed by his father," said this woman as quoted by, Tuesday (26/07/2022). The condition of the child was cold and lifeless. The woman reflexively screamed making her husband wake up Industry Email List It's hard to forgive husband A woman's statement about the cause of her son's death. (Tikka/junk_emotion) A woman's statement about the cause of her son's death. (Tikka/junk_emotion) Her Industry Email List husband tried to calm her down so she wouldn't panic because their apartment was close together. The next day she and her husband went home to bury their baby. During the trip, the woman could not hold back tears. Families in the village know that if their child died of illness, it was not an incident. She and her husband kept a close eye on the cause of their child's death. She chose this because she didn't want her husband to be punished. However, over time this woman still likes to be sad and hurt remembering the incident.


As a Industry Email List result, she rarely spoke with her husband. If you talk about it, it's only necessary. The woman said that it was difficult for her to forgive her husband but that she did not want to lose her partner. Netizens who read this woman's story gave advice to calm her down and take the right attitude. "That is also an accident, sis. I'm also sure that your husband is very happy with the late baby. Dede is a baby. Make peace with the situation, sis. Alfatihah," commented a netizen. "That's called an accident, Sis. There is also a mother lying down breastfeeding her child and falling asleep, and the baby dies from breathing under his mother," added another. Industry Email List "I'm sure her husband doesn't want that either, and he has long and heavy regrets in his life. But try to survive because you are his wife," said another. "Maybe it's difficult, but this is an accident, Sis. Warm with her husband again, yes, he must also be haunted by guilt and loss, hopefully it will last," another netizen responded.